The Clear Homes Team is 100% committed to one concept. 

We will sell your property in the fastest time, at the highest price, with complete professionalism and transparency.

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No advance fees of any kind. 

You only pay our commission if we procure an offer on your property that you contractually accept as outlined in our listing agreement.

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Cancel the listing at any time.

If for any reason, you feel we are not providing 100% satisfactory service, just let us know. We promise to remedy the situation within 24 hours. If you are still not satisfied, we will release you unconditionally from our listing agreement with no further obligation unless an accepted offer is pending or under contract.

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“No Pressure” offer presentation. 

We will never, nor will we ever, allow you to be “pressured” into accepting any offer we receive on your behalf. All offers will be sent to our office and will be presented to you by phone, fax and/or email with our recommendations, so that you can make your decision privately unless you prefer to meet with us personally.