If you are like most owners, you have two primary considerations in mind when thinking about selling your property.

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First, you obviously would like to get the highest possible sales price.

Second, and sometimes even more importantly, you want to sell your property in the fastest time possible since the longer a home sits on the market, the less money you will realize from the sale. Additionally, the costs of maintenance and upkeep, and potential mortgage payments, will continue to erode your savings account or potential profit.

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Here’s How It Works:

We guarantee you an acceptable offer within the first 60 days of putting your property on the market, or you can cancel our agreement to sell your property without any cost or obligation.

Pretty straightforward, isn’t it? And what this means to you is that you are guaranteed to receive a viable offer on your property within a short period of time…and you can relax knowing that you have hired a real estate team who is 100% confident in our proven marketing system.

As you can see, the Clear Homes Team SPECIALIZES in helping property owners just like you, receive viable offers and sell their properties for the highest amount of money, and within 60 DAYS… GUARANTEED!!