We apply “Madison Avenue” marketing principles to each of our listings, individually branding every property we sell.

First, we carefully analyze the details and attributes of your property, identifying its “unique benefits.” We then elevate and highlight these benefits in our overall branding strategy, as well as our national and global internet presence and our print and social media marketing plan.

Our communication success comes from our skilled use of 3 key branding ingredients: Photography, Headline, and “Story.”

b mar.jpg

you only get one opportunity to make a great first impression

Since most pictures viewed on a computer screen are relatively small, it is crucial that the angles, staging and lighting are 100% “on point." Poor photography is a primary reason properties sit on the market unsold.

photography, story, headline

Even the headline and body copy of the story can make someone either stop and “click” to view your listing or scroll right on by. These 3 key branding ingredients must tell a universally appealing “story” which will catch the eye of potential buyers.

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Great branding, advertising and marketing pre-sells your property!

This attention to every detail on each of our listings, maximizes the potential views, inquiries and eventual offers.